It is personal… one way or another

The interpersonal (between us) is accessed through the intra-personal (within us).

This seems to be an a priori statement… (if this is fallacious, I am not presently aware of the problem with it).

Why does this matter?…

We get to others through ourselves. I feel that this means that God gets to us through God and we get to God through ourselves. We find ourselves-in-God in the depths of being – the clear, empty, and silent land – as we rest in God resting in us. This is the state of striving for Christhood: “being” for the simple sake of embodying (the best we can) the Spirit of God.

“May I be the embodiment of Christ and the temple of the Spirit praising God unceasingly by my mere existence.”

Deep calls to deep in this land of silence, and the sound of God’s waterfall is the (miraculous and wonderful) flowing persistence of experience. We see our reflection in the face of this waterfall, but it is a distorted image.

To see our real face (“God, show me my true face before I was born“), we must surrender to the terror of falling with the water. Not the water of the world (“Whoever drinks this water will thirst again“), but the water of the Consciousness of Christ (“the water that becomes within us a fountain of water springing up into eternal life“): the still stream of being; the empty fullness between, beneath, and beyond all things; the uncreated Grace of Great Compassion; the Indwelling Presence and Inner Breath; the inwardly watchful and self-emptying Silence; the Holy Spirit.

This is not something to attain, but something that is gifted. We should sit waiting patiently in receptive love for the Divine – resting in the “peace that passes all understanding“…

We should sit waiting *not* “until _______________ happens”; but forever.




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