When the Point of Reference is Lost (a vantage that is usually taken by the thinking “self”)… everything becomes the center; everything becomes the singular point from which all things are intuitively known;

…the husk that protects the fruit falls away to reveal that which is sought and is seeking: Silent, Loving Awareness – a now-ness of knowing that contains and is beyond and pierces through all thinking and experience the way a mountain cuts through clouds as they pass.

Attempts to…

…grasp this Silence; taste Stillness; own self-forgetting; cling to Peace; see the Darkness; hold the Undivided; contain the Infinite; embody the Spiritual; traverse the Eternal…

…all limit the life of fully being-in-Being; efforts to achieve bind us to our own “will” the way a chain binds an animal to a stake.

How, then, is prayer to progress?

Observations of “riverbed awareness” (Laird) allow the emptied container to be that which is contained: receptive acceptance and equanimous letting go occur as one movement.

Rest in the “Unknowing” of simultaneously taking in and setting aside all that there is (including the seeing self… and this hurts…) until there is nothing left except That which “Is” (Exodus 3).

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