(Evan Thompson) the bird needs its wings to fly, but the wings are not the flying itself: flying is a relation between the bird and itself and the bird it’s environment.

Likewise, we need a brain to have a mind, but the mind isn’t the brain: it is a relation between us and ourselves and us and our environment that includes the brain.

What might be called “spiritual” seems then to be merely a falsely dichotomized “other” arena of being rather than the non-conscious and extensive “dimension” of what we call mind (i.e. our interdependent, interpersonal field of experience including culture, natural and social environment, etc.).

The “spiritual” and “psychological”, then, are one and the same; non-separate, superimposed dimensions of the same lived reality; the Christ; the Tao; the Way…

Finding this convergence of simultaneous sameness and presence may be the result of Contemplative effort or simply opening the eyes of the heart to know that which is at once unknowable and undeniable.

At least that’s what “my” “mind” says “I” believe right “now”…

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