Our Trinitarian World: The Action of “Gravity” Upon Mental Phenomena

Grounding Space-Time upon which everything rests, out of which everything emerges, and into which everything dissolves (Unmanifest Yahweh)

Creation, matter, form, being (Manifest Logos-Christ)

The Process of Energy/Force: gravity, motion, felt-presence, etc. (Dymanic Spirit)

Christ is the still-yet-invisible Path or Way (Jesus is the a/the map of this Way: early Christians we referred to as “followers of the Way”…), Spirit is the intuitive sense of direction and the motion through the Path (and the occasional road sign), and God is the ever-receding horizon making the journey well worth it.

Expansion of space is the ever receding horizon of spiritual progress; with each step forward we find ourselves at a more distant (but delicious) point of departure.

Use the gravity (mass; stuff-ness; substantiality) of physical and mental “things” (sensations-feelings-thoughts) like a satellite uses a planet to sling-shot itself into the unknown Darkness (using the event of seeing Christ in all things to increase the Spirit leading us into the Silence that grounds all).

[Alternatively the Trinity can be understood as functioning like fire: there is primordial heat (YHWH), fuel (Logos), and air (Spirit)…

also, the Ground (YHWH), Path (Christ), and Fruition (action and presence of Spirit that leads to continued encounters with YHWH through the cultivation/manifestation of Christ) are one in the same]

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