Perceiving, Experiencing, Unknowing (agnosia) 

“Seeing” the Light (the “Luminous Darkness”) of Logos (Christ, the Word, the Tao, the Way)

Experiencing the Grace of the Spirit (Holy Spirit, Teh, counselor, breath)

Unknowing through negation (apophatic prayer, contemplation, setting aside all that is known to draw near – or to be drawn nearer to – the Unknowable: that which is beyond all existence, thought, concept, and intelligibility… one can only describe things relating to the Essence of God)

Divine Mind (unknown Essence) is the Womb of the Divine Word –

Divine Word expresses the Divine Mind –

Divine Word is like a still Sound –

Divine Action is like a still Breath –

Breath rests in the Word and the Word rests in the Breath –

both rest in the Mind as the Mind rests in each –

Breath (Spirit) is God in us, Word (the Way/Logos) is God with us, Mind (Unknown Essence) is God enveloping us

The 3 is the relationship with a shared Center; it surpasses the rigid oneness of 1 and the unsettled duality of 2…

3 is the Non-dual.

The only Way to the Mind is through the Word (expressed Thought);

The Word emptied Itself so that, with Itself, all can be filled.

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