Advaita Christianity

We are all separate servants of God from one point of view [Transcendent Father-YHWH];

We are all a part of God from one point of view [Immanent Mother-Spirit];

We are all one with (but not equal to) God from one point of view [Awakened Child-Logos].

But all of these are mere “points of view”: views from one point or another;

“Isness”-Awareness-Stillness (“Being, Knowing Silence”) are ways to understand this Mystery.

“Knowing with” Christ rather than “knowing about” Christ is both essential and impossible;

Grace delivers the impossible through the pregnant Spirit, the Wonder of the ineffable YHWH, and the experience of the embodied Logos in each and all of us —

“Christ is all and is in all.”

The adversarial illusion-master Satan/Maya (who is also really us – simply facing away from the Luminous Darkness that is the Light of Unknowing) is a necessary blessing:

we must err [“sin”: to choose to have no share in; to miss the mark] in order to correct [“repent”: to turn (back) toward and receive the Divine].

We need us to miss the target. The errors of life are our salvific graces.

The Open Emptiness that is what We are allows for overflowing Fullness —

the empty hub of the wheel is what makes it useful;
the hollowness of the jar makes it what it is;

the space of the door and window grants entry to the Spirit of Life.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Filling ourselves, we become empty;

Emptying ourselves, we become full.

Resting in Stillness – Allowing; 

Allowing in Silence – Resting.

The Unchanging Light that is the life of men, is Eternally Now.

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