A central theological problem (from a layperson’s POV)

“Self” functions as the holder (possessor) of the grounding concept of “God” (in word) as opposed to a pattern of being that emerges from the groundless Ground of “God” (underlying experience)

“Self” demands certainty, sometimes at the cost of authenticity — thus, we live with the belief that God is someTHING to obtain or acquire or contact, or (at worst) win over.

Dropping “self” means dropping the activity of the “self”: proliferation — this is a stopping of “doing” (intentional action, speech, thought), and an opening to the reception of presence.

Abandon “knowledge”: empty yourself of “self” and “God” by releasing the tendency to cling to either, and you will fully receive them both.

Relinquish the “self” that holds “God” fixed in a place — to “crucify” is to “fix” upon a “cross”… how much more does the devout Christian crucify the Living God by attributing fixity and “thing-ness” to ineffable, divine Nothing?!

“Prayer is the letting go of concepts.”

— Evagrius Ponticus, “Chapters on Prayer

A ray of light does not search for the sun; it carries the sun’s warmth and brightness.

The branch of a vine does not search for the vine; it extends the vine’s reach.

A wave does not search for the ocean; it is already full of ocean.

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