Recollection: a sequence of Contemplative Practice…



to “re-collect” memory;

to “re-collect” attention;

to “re-collect” the Great Intention to aspire toward the Presence of God


Drop back and rest in observing the arising and passing appearances of:

  • senses (physical and mental: sights/mental images, sounds/mental chatter, physical/emotional bodily sensation),
  • evaluative hedonic-tone (pleasant, unpleasant, neutral), and
  • mind states (roots of emotion, patterns of pulling-in/pushing-away)

within the centerless sphere of conscious awareness.


Then, “break up” or “tease apart” the sense of “self” by deconstructing these sensory, felt, and conceptual loci of identification across time: explore the “where”, “how”, “what”, and “when” of self-identification (for example: breaking up the sensations of the face/forehead, a pleasant/worried feeling, a mood or series of thoughts — “where am ‘I’ in all this?”)


Notice that there is no permanent sense of “self” or permanent “object” left outside of these simple, transient, dependently-arising events in consciousness

“I-making” as “autopoiesis”: much like a living cell creates a boundary out of internal processes that condition and are conditioned by the boundary itself, the present always emerges out of the past and dissolves into the future


Without being taken in by the “sense of self” (as an independently existing “thing” separate from the processes that conditioned its arising), there is nosuffering-self”.

From this open and free perspective (and even leading up to it), construct patterns of positive propensities within the centerless sphere of mind (replacing less helpful or less wholesome patterns of thinking & feeling; again and again…)

  • listen to loving thoughts affirming the good in self and others
  • visualize skillful behaviors-in-action in the world
  • deeply and intentionally feel positive emotion in the body — find/create it, gently hold it, then lovingly radiate it through the entire body and the entire world

Do this enough, and these patterns will become habit — enduring beyond any intention to cultivate them.

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