Today is a Monestary

Today is a Monastery

Writing on water” =
Return to and start from “0”

“Oh, I see you…” (Alarm-clock-of-Intention: tightening/loosening effort-of-attention)

Disidentification =
Knowing and Object (Noting: each arising points back to Awareness)

Stillness =
Flow and Stillness (Receive-Relax-Release: Mind settled in its natural state)

Receptive Description
and Active Instruction =
Silence underneath noise; Stillness amidst motion; Settledness that grounds upheaval; Space that cradles light; Awareness underpinning appearances; Mind that knows mind.

If something arises in the mind, leave it: there should be no second action (non-action should follow arising)

Sensations, thoughts, and images are all waves of the mind, not occurrences from outside the mind:
if you are undisturbed by the waves, they will calm

Seeing the nature of mind and appearances of mind as the same (mind perceiving itself) is Big Mind

the uni-verse [the “one-saying”]
is totally within the Mind:

It is You who loves it into and out-of existence.

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