We only see the moon by seeing it reflect the light of the sun.

We only know the “appearances-of-mind” (senses, feelings, and thoughts: any part of our lived experience) by seeing them reflect the light of Awareness.

This is the “life of the light of men”:

The vibrant aliveness of Being, knowing itself into loving existence.

This light of Awareness shows you all the parts of yourself and the world.

It is from the Ground or the Source of this light-of-Awareness that the Timeless springs: offering the Absolute through loving Stillness.

Shadows upon the surface of “appearances” serve to display the “Shadows” of our own personality — an infinitesimal theatre of dancing darknesses presenting (on the subtlest scale) those elements of mind that are least preferred, most shaming, or that we are secretly obsessed with.

Focus your attention toward the open light of Awareness as it reflects, submerges, supports, bathes, saturates, envelops, soaks, and illuminates all “appearances-of-mind”.


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