The (W)Hole “Thing”…

[originally posted 6/24/17]


(comfortably) Fleeting.




Source of strength.

A pit.

When the line of attention is traced back to itself, matters of “this is happening” and “this isn’t happening” are rendered irrelevant.

It is as though, in the search for Light, Darkness gleams and (silently) screams through the slivered cracks of experience revealing a wholeness: an infinite hole of stillness and perfection.

It was — that’s all. Now it isn’t… but it still Is.

It made the later-felt sadness seem silly… a joke worth laughing at, but not worth spending too much time pondering over.

It is a seed planted in me: the “Christ who lives in me” whom “Paul” referred to as his brother in crucifixion; it is the fountain of water within that springs up into everlasting life; it is the Deep calling to Itself (Psalm 42); it is creativity shrouded in its creation; it is our one Sadness, our shared Joy; it is the narrow Path of infinite wonder; it is the single point of expansive spaciousness: my Center — your Center.

God, I want to be that Eucharist. I want to rest in You, resting in me.

“Wanting”… there’s something to watch too.

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