Think “Non-Thinking”

Most of practice is wasted effort. The “trying” is what keeps us spinning.

It also can’t be done without pushing; without urgency and striving.

But the Goal is non-attachment to any “goal”.

“Just-Sit”, they say.


Be steadily present with the feelings and intentions that shake the waters of contentment.

What is learned through this effort of non-effort is a way of letting drivenness drive itself out (like a child who is too tired to think straight)…

…the mind twirls and spins until it’s exhaustion renders it still and settled.

It falls silent.

Watch the sensations that call out for movement; give space to the thoughts that demand attention and obedience –– let them run their circles.

The hollowed terrain of awareness takes no offense to the litany of abuses; it is not challenged by even the Holiest of threats.

Let even this very word fall silent in the face of faceless Presence.

And witness (without eyes or ears or voice) that same Presence slip unassumingly back into the presentless expanse of Absolute Absence.

Rest here unceasingly.

Without stirring; without pointing; without knowledge.

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